Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Saturday 23-January-2016: FANGCon #54

Managed to get through 5 different games this time! 7-player Shadow Hunters. The second time I've played it, the first time was actually the first time I attended a FANGcon. Think it was also 7 players that time. The game works really well with this number of players. So we had 3 Hunters, 3 Shadows and 1 Neutral. Despite 2 of us (I was a Hunter) mistaking the 3rd Hunter for a Shadow, and so assisting in her early demise, for a while it looked like we were going to win. In the end though, it was down to 1 Hunter (not me) vs. 1 Shadow, and the Shadow won. The game took about 45 minutes to play. 4-player Chaos In The Old World. This is the first time I've played. I enjoyed it a lot, which bodes well for my purchase of Cthulhu Wars, which i have read is very similar. We randomly assigned factions, I got Khorne. I came last, but I feel I was beginning to get the hang of playing Korne near the end - for the last 3 turns or so. Would very much like to try playing this again. The game lasted about 1.5 hours 5-player Mission: Red Planet. I drew last place in this game. I do feel the combination of game-wide bonus, and the personal missions cards you start with (and can accrue extra) have the possibility of severely limiting your chances to score points. This actually happened with me, whereby the personal missions I had meant I was split between trying to complete them, and trying to be the player that gained the game-wide bonus. In the end, I did manage to do well with my personal missions (one was a success or failure, which I completed, the other had 4 levels of success, of which I managed 3) I wasn't particularly fond of this game though. It lasted about an hour. 5-player 7 Wonders, I think it also had the Leaders expansion. I've played this once before, at one of my games days with colleagues. It took me a round or 2 to recall what the various symbols on the cards mean, and how resources and building stuff works. I came last, but only by 5 points. The game only took half an hour. I would very much like to play this again some time as well. The last game of the day was 4-player Five Tribes. I liked the main play mechanic this game uses - picking up the meeples on one square of the board and leaving them on other squares as you move, taking all the same-coloured meeples as the last one, from the square it lands on. And I didn't come last! I was second-last instead, with 111 points. Also, the player who came 2nd only beat me by 1 point! The only downside is there's quite a lot to consider and keep track of, as far as scoring is concerned. I would probably player it again however, given the chance. This game took a little over an hour. All in all a very fun day for me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bingham Boardgame Group meetup - Tuesday 19-Jan-2016

Last night was the next meetup of our small, Bingham-based boardgaming group. This time around, I brought Settlers Of Catan (the original version, back when it was still called Settlers Of Catan), along with the 5-6 player expansion. This was good, as in total there were 6 of us. The other 5 had not played before, so although I won this one it wasn't really a fair game this time around. However, as I suspected, everyone enjoyed it and got the hang of it, so we're going to play it again next time around! That's the real victory =+) However I may look at replacing my version - it would also be nice to try 1 or more of the other expansions...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Found out earlier today that the Close Combat series of PC games is actually the official computerised adaptation of the Advanced Squad Leader wargame system. This makes me particularly happy to be selling off my collection of ASL boxed modules, now that i know I can play it on computer, whether vs. the computer or another human opponent, without needing a load of bulky boxed modules, fiddly counters, and having to memorise a load of rules. You can buy a number of Close Combat titles from the Matrixgames online store (see this link), and I have just noticed that a couple of the Close Combat titles are also available on Steam. Also, had my 2nd beginner's archery session on Friday. I am, very slowly, beginning to learn the technique of shooting a re-curve bow. It's enjoyable as well!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Just completed Mission 5 in Dawn Of War (the first one) - Yes, I know I'm waaay behind with regards when a lot of the games I have were released. Also completed the first go through of Gemini Rue. Have given up trying for the "Golden Gun" achievement (all 6 gun battles won without any loss of health for the player's character) but the other outstanding achievements I think are still doable, with help from an online guide...

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Boardgame - Reef Encounter - first impressions

I actually bought this game a couple of months ago, after several attempts (both on BGG and on ebay) - it's not always easy to find for sale! I can't remember how I first heard, or read of it, but anyway... (Boardgame geek entry for Reef Encounter) So, until today all i had done with it was check all the components are present and correct (which they are). So today i actually got it out with the intention of starting a game, with my eldest niece. In the end, we didn't get to really start the game at all, but we did have time to both look through the rulebook. This is yet another boardgame that looks complicated initially, and takes a bit of setting up before you can get going, but there actually isn't a lot of things to remember. It's a fancy tile-placing game but with some extra play mechanisms to make it interesting. Basically it involves placing coral polyp tiles in order to grow the several different colours of coral reefs. There are tiles that determine which colours of coral are strong enough to be able to "consume" which other colours of coral, and in addition to this, each player has several shrimp tokens that can be placed and moved on the coral reefs in order to protect coral polyp tiles from any consumption, by both other colour corals and Parrot Fish. Judging by the rules, I think play will be quite ruthless, as you try to maximise your points and restrict the other player/s. Aside from growing the different coloured coral reefs, you also have to get your Parrot Fish to consume as much coral polyp tiles as possible, and carefully plan placement and movement of your shrimp pieces, which protect coral polyp tiles from both other coral polyps and all of the Parrot Fish. I look forward to actually getting a game in at some point.

Beginning archery - session 1 of 6

So, last night I had my first taste of archery, at Bingham Archery Club. They have just started a beginner's course, that lasts 6 weeks with 1, 2-hour session a week. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, despite being mostly rubbish so far - I didn't even manage to get a grouping in this first session! (when you get all 3 arrows quite close together) It didn't help that I was very nervous. I'll have to work on that too. So, I am going to stick with it at least for the whole of the beginner's course.